finish the lyric - Dec 28

yoooo hi aven’t been on for a bit but i explained it in my last post so you can go look at that! but if you haven’t noticed it is no longer christmas :sob: so we will not be doing chrismtas songs anymore cause um… its not chrismtas!

im never gonna _______ _____ up never gonnna _______ _____ down, never gonna _____ and ________ you

RICK ROLL herhehhehehehhehhe

have a nice day/night and don’t DIE


i know the lyrics but i’m not gonna say them because i dislike the song :smirk_cat:


no the goal of this post is to do your own lyric!


I’m never going to give you up never going to let you down or desert you.

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Never gonna give u up never gonna let u down never gonna run around and hurt u
Never gonna make u cry never gonna say goodbye never gonna tell a lie and desert u

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Weirdo it’s my favorite

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