First patten release + tester appreciation

I have just released my first pattern.It is a transgender boba for the pride collab by @BubblzCrochet and @bulldogcrochetss . Thank you to my testers @PandaEyes00 @Rurat @Toon2n @Hikagekittysama and least but not least @Skirbs


Trans boba free pattern


this was so much fun to make and super easy to follow!

it’s so cute!! thanks for collabing with us!! testers did amazing <3

Tysm for testing :slight_smile:

Tysm Bubblz I love yours too. The collab was so much fun! Thanks for letting me be a part of it <3

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This is adorable!
Congratulations :tada::confetti_ball::champagne::balloon:!!!

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aww thank you!! i hope we can work together again in the future ^^

Ofc!!! Samee :smiley: <3

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