First Ribblr Pattern Complete!

I adapted the Cozy Slipper sock pattern and love how they turned out!

Baby Cable ribbing, a little decreasing at toe end to shape a bit, and I closed with Kitchner. All my notes are in. Journal…so fun to use by the way! :heartbeat:

What was/is your first project using Ribblr?


It looks amazing! and very cozy too :slight_smile:
I would love to see your journal! And I’m sure @TheSnugglery (who designed this beautiful pattern) and others would love to see it too. Can you share a link to it please? :star_struck:


I couldn’t figure out how to edit my post on my phone. Here is the Link to my journal

My Mom loves them by the way!


That looks amazing! thanks for sharing. :star_struck: not surprised that your mom loves them!
By the way, a little pro tip: if you track the last part of the pattern it’ll show up as 100% complete!