First time making a sweater

Greetings all! I am attempting my first ever crocheted sweater and I’ve got a question. The pattern is Vienna Sweater by LCKCrochet and I’m making the 2XL size. The pattern as written calls for 56 rows for the torso panels, and I’ve just finished the first of two panels. I’m concerned that this is gonna be too short for the intended recipient and I’m debating adding additional rows. My question is: Do I trust the pattern or do I go with my gut?


Did you crochet a swatch? Measured it after washing and drying? After washing some yarns stretch length-wise. Wool stretches, cotton stretches under its weight. Some experienced crafters recommend working on a sleeve first, wash and dry it and measure it. One sleeve is not a garment yet, but it’s bigger than a swatch, so you can see how your yarn change (or not) after washing. In your case, I would wash both details to see if the dimensions change


I did do a gauge swatch, but I didn’t wash and dry it. That’s a good idea. Thank you! :slight_smile:


glad to be of any use :slight_smile: good luck!