Fnaf patterns

Am I allowed to write fnaf patterns? If so, would I be able to label it as a fnaf patterns?

Also, if I am, tell me if you would be interested in that please.

Edit: if I search fnaf then 2 patterns show up, (I have both) one says the name of the character, is that bad?


Maybe you shoukd name them after the character for example, ‘fnaf glamrock freddy’. That make sense? If you do that would be perfect for the names!


Fnaf is someone else intellectual property and releasing patterns of these violates their copywrite and in fnafs case, likely trademarks too.
Ribblr won’t act if the IP owner doesn’t make a claim but many people depend souly on not being caught rather than them being allowed to.
As ribblr grows it is more likely companies that check for IP violations will start claiming but it doesn’t seem to happen right now.
To do things legally and above board you would need to buy a licence; these are normally very expensive and only big companies can afford them.


I just wanted to add, its worth checking if IP holders are ok with small creators using their stuff. I know Eric Barone who made Stardew Valley has said he is happy for small creators to make items as long as they aren’t bootlegs of official merch and you’re not a big corporation.


maybe you could just like make a freddy bear and then call it something like “horror bear” like don’t use the real names yk?

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I am totally interested in fnaf patterns


I would totally love to see more FNAF amigurumi!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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