Free bundle glitch

Hi there, this is to all my shop followers.
Unfortunatly, due to a potential glitch or other reasons I am not yet aware, one of my pattern bundles was free for an extended period of time. I am not aware how long this was for, but thanks to one of my followers, I was made aware yesterday.

Having investigated, I have discovered over 200 people have downloaded each pattern. Obviously this is not their fault as the patterns were free, but none the less, causing a significant financial loss to my buisness.

I have contacted Ribblr regarding this, and thankfully they will be sorting this out, but I wanted to let you all know that the downloaded patterns will be being removed from your patterns tab, to prevent further loss of buisness unless you have previously purchased them.

I would like to appologise to all those who have downloaded these patterns believing them to be free. If you still want the pattern, please consider supporting my buisness and purchasing either the pattern or bundle at the appropriate price. I will be hosting a 50% sale for the bundles and patterns in question for a week to appologise for any inconvieniences caused.

Thank you again for your understanding.