Free hedgehog patterns?

Does anyone know any cute, and free hedgehog patterns? I LOVE hedgehogs and have been wanting to make one. I did draw this sketch ( I know it’s not the best, I do better drawing on paper but I couldn’t find my sketch book :neutral_face:)and might make a hedgehog pattern of my own if there aren’t any that will ‘fit’ my liking.

If there are any patterns that also include the ‘details’ of the spikes I would really love that! Please, and thank you for your help.


There’s this cute free hedgehog pattern here on Ribblr

As for others I found this YouTube playlist that have some compiled together that are also cute


I havent seen free ones with spikes,
But Ive seen people in ck’s discord mod her echidna into a hedgehog, you just need to do a color change at about round 4

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