free patterns for clothing

Hi just wondering if you guys had any free patterns for clothing for summer (tops, light shirts)? It can be crochet or knit!



ooh! Thank you so much!!!

I don’t know how to put the referencda to see the photos so I am going to copy the link:

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Thank u! These are great!

These an all free!

This young lady has a lot of FREE Patterns

Here is where you search Ribblr for patterns

For free ones you select the Sort By on the right hand side and choose low to high

You also need to choose crochet or choose knitting

Search: unique interactive patterns | Ribblr?

Crochet: unique interactive patterns | Ribblr?

Knitting: unique interactive patterns | Ribblr?

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Here you go … all free, all easy, and all crochet.


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Here’s two on ribblr

And hay hay crochet on YouTube has got couple of different tops (I hope you find a top you and have an amazing day! :DD)

Thank you! I’ll check these out!

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Thank you so much!

Great, thanks!

OMG thank you so much!!

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