Friday! Share the best moments of your week

For those not familiar with my #goodvibes posts - I want to promote positivity and a great way to improve our mental health is to really focus on the positive things that are going on in our lives.

One of the best practices is to reflect back on happy moments/scenarios from the week you’ve had. So please share your best moments from this past week and let’s help each other feel a little happier going into the weekend!

I’ll start -
This week I had time to play some video games (remotely) with family members while video chatting. It was super fun to catch up and play something together. As we’re finally allowed to meet other people outdoors, I’m also going to catch up with some friends tomorrow which is exciting! :relaxed: How about you?


I’ve been waking with a friend 3 nights a week. Good to be doing that again :).


We got a cute bingo thing in the mail. Reminds us to do nice things. Check on neighbors, pay something forward, call an old friend, stuff like that. One was give yourself a compliment. I wonder if any of us do that enough. It was just as nice as when I get them from others. Surprised me.


Wow - that’s powerful. You are definitely right about that!


Here we had a holiday this Friday, so I am having En extra long weekend! Just drinking hot coco, crocheting to be well prepared for amiguruMAY on instagram. Feeling productive :fire:


I completed my ‘to do list’ at work which is unusual. This means I have more head space to do my crafting this long weekend!

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I’ve decided to start running after a very long break!


@Kreaida sounds good!

@Hookallthethings nice! That’s such a good feeling isn’t it?

@thequeenofcrowns I can only be jealous :sweat_smile: