From my Monday Blog post:

I got really swamped today and didn’t get a chance to “check in” here until now.
But, I do have my Blog Post from today that I can share.
It sorta sums up my weekend…

gives you an insight into the wacky way my creative brain works.


From my Monday Blog Post:

Good Mornin’ Fellow Wand Weavers!

It’s Monday,
and ya know what that means:
“Monday Motivations”

Lots of purty pictures,
encouraging memes,
and little anecdotes
to keep the Crojo Spirit alive and thriving!

Keep On Stitchin’

Notes from my Studio:

In an effort to maintain a more “reasonable” schedule, I am taking the weekends “off” from the business aspect(s) of crochet pattern design. For this weekend in particular: I gave myself a little “Crojo Vacation”. It’s FREE and doesn’t require reservations in advance.

My “Crojo Vacations” are where I simply let myself choose whatever color I have in scrap skeins, anything at all that my eye is simply “drawn towards” and give myself the freedom to create whatever I wish for with as many “attempts” as may occur and as many ideas as I can come up with, for the entire weekend and just: play.

When I was a girl I used to do this…
pick a coloring book from the toy room, and whatever crayons were still good (and could be found), and just: “color”. I had a blast then, as I do now. To simply: create.

Saturday morning, post snockered coffee:
I began with an idea of a red/purple/burgundy Dragon Dog Coat for my Dexter, complete with really cool wings, somehow made out of crochet. (???!!)

I didn’t really know: “how”, I thought I’d just figure it out as I went, and somehow a fpDC would be involved…

First set of wings were waaaaay too big, and looked more like really fancy bra cups for a Las Vegas dancer…

but the red coat turned out GREAT…

I began to think that maybe I can’t get these wings after all, since the math is super hard to get “just right”…

slightly bummed, I stumbled into the land of Bumble Bees, as I had an idea for a “Sunflower” themed Dog Coat, which made me think of Bumble Bees, and I really wanted to make a Bumble Bee Dog Coat back during Christmas time, but couldn’t, because you know, it was CHRISTMAS…

which of course led back to the idea of the wings and maybe if I played with a Mandala sort of design I could get really amazing Dragon wings,

Why not?

It’s not as if there are any specific “rules” about what Dragon Wings look like, are there?

Since I was growing bored with working with black anyway, (love the color, the contrast and the artistic capabilities of black, HATE the eye strain of trying to crochet with it), and frankly: I’m on “Crojo Vacation”,

took a short jaunt over to my Granny Square World and came up with a stunning “Sand Dollar” or more like: "Beach Comber " Cardigan idea, (sorry, no pics, I wasn’t “working”, just playin’) which actually felt like a walk on the beach, and that made me think of themes, and possibly doing a Dragon Dog Coat costume “theme”, if only I could get those wings “right”…

popped back over into my Bumble Bee: which was actually now beginning to turn into a Dragon,

finished that, took Dexter Dawg out for our walk, and decided:

Oh Yeah! Dragons ROCK!

So I went back in to focus on the red Dragon Dog Coat I started with.

((((The way my mind works is absolutely dizzying at times.))))

In conclusion…

Check out Dexter Dawgs latest little costume:

I still can’t decide if he’s a little yellow dragon baby or a super “artsy” Bumble Bee…
Either way: I absolutely love this design, and have already begun writing up the pattern. I am seriously thinking of diving into the world of wee dog costumes

and begin by calling this one the “Baby Dragon”…

Why not?

We could use a few more dragons around.

And Dexter loves his little coats.


Busted out laughing throughout your story!!! She crochets yes, but she writes stories!!