Functionality Improvements

I will start with positives. I wanted to LOVE this app!! It was great to see someone trying to improve the way patterns & designers are accessed by consumers. I love that it feels like a safe & inclusive zone for all types of people. I told all of my fellow crafters about it, in the beginning.

As time has passed I’ve become dissappointed in the potential the app has missing the mark frequently, even with regular updates. Here are the biggest disappointments that have me deciding to leave use of the app.

  1. Users should be able to connect stash entry(s) to a “Make”. How this was not part of the Stash functionality original roll out makes zero sense.

  2. Users should be able to post more than one “Make” for a pattern. Forcing a user to update a journal entry creates a fasle implication that they frogged the original finished object & made a new one in it’s place. (It also keeps users from selling more than one “Make”.) I’ve waited & waited for this change. It doesn’t make sense that this has never been an available function. Simply create ability for multiple, seperate “journals” for a pattern.

  3. A place for all crafters should include more craft types. Spinning, weaving, needle point or needle felting would be common sense places to start.

  4. The database of choices for Stash function is exceptionally poor. It needs to be heavily expanded. It feels like a last minute, panicked list that developers forgot to do.

  5. Inability to access app without internet or cellular service is extremely probative. “A home for all crafters” should be accessable to all crafters. My daughter lives in a very rural part of the country. Both internet & cell services are difficult to receive even on a good weather day. This makes Ribblr inaccessible to her 90% of the time. I’m not talking about being able to print. I love the eco-friendly ethos! An app should be able to download to a device & be accessable offline. Plenty of others can do it. Why hasn’t Ribblr??

I’m responding here as requested due to your thinly vailed & poor response to my Google Play app review in an attempt get me to update it. At least three of the above five things will have to happen for me to return to this app. Number 2 will have to be one of them for me. I have loaded one design here & it is free. I will not be loading more in the future until real improvements are made.

It feels like all monthly updates & new features come only from Ribblr user suggestions. That’s nice, but not good for over all functionality of an app with so much potiental. I thought this was created by crafters for crafters. It doesn’t feel like it anymore, quite sad.


We appreciate you taking the time to share your input. This is exactly what our suggestions space is for and it really does help us understand your experience and improve Ribblr for all crafters :smiling_face:

Your feedback has been logged and we’ll monitor this suggestion topic.

We can also confirm improvements for our stash and makes are part of our roadmap!

We understand that waiting for new features can be frustrating! Ribblr is just 2.5 years old and we have lots of exciting features and improvements lined up, however some things do take longer than we want as we are a growing yet small team.

Thanks again for your support and patience

  1. That sounds like a good idea! I usually just write what I used in the description of the journal but to be able to connect it with the stash would be nice especially if it’ll end up be a lot of typing!

  2. Definitely agree! I’ve yet to make more than one pattern, but if this was an option I would probably be inclined to make more, I don’t even sell them, it’s solely just to be able to see them all, I’ve seen people get around the just one make and sell multiple of a make by mentioning in the description that the listing is for x amount of x and even to message them for custom orders whether it be amount or the design of the make, but to be able to automatically sell more than one is nice

  3. Definitely agree!! There’s so many but I believe there has to be more engagement in the community of that craft type to be considered. I’m actually considering on perhaps learning a new craft to share it often here in hopes others enjoy it too and prehaps their own and eventually it’ll become a new space!

  4. I just create the tags I need so this one isn’t a big issue for me, but having more to just click and not type out would be nice!

  5. I would also like that! Kind of like in video games when there’s an online mode and offline mode where online you can play with others but offline it’s just solo play, I can understand that it’s probably because it needs stay online for the community, any updates to the pattern and the journal maybe but perhaps an offline version of just the patterns would be nice so I can create and keep track of it

I actually find the suggestions space really good for overall functionality since Ribblr would have no way of knowing what users actually want to see, but with the suggestions it can gauge how many want it and how to make it a functional part of the app/site and getting feedback on it along with their own ideas, I have had plenty of apps update and just become clunky messes that are much harder to use, so for there to be an open communication of what is and isn’t appreciated is nice. Kind of likd how indie boardgame creators need playtesters to see how the game works/if it’s fun etc because it’s harder to see if something doesn’t work/isn’t liked without a second perspective to actually see how it’s perceived. I still personally feel like it is created by crafters for crafters but they’re still humans where trial and error is just a natural part of life so creating and seeing how it’s received is normal, sometims it’s a hit, sometimes it needs improvement, sometimes it makes no sense at all but we’re here for it all :grin:


2~ I have been asking for multiple makes and makes not connected to a pattern (or when a pattern was bought elsewhere) since I’ve been on here for almost 3 years…
1&4~ I stopped using the stash shortly after its release for both of your reasons above
5~ I go back and forth with this one all the time… By having it accessible through the app/website only is supposed to help cut down on theft (not sure it does, but that’s the reasoning), but I’ve also been hit by the “I won’t be taking this project because service will be spotty, so I’ll take a project that I have the PDF instead”

  1. seems cool, but I dont even use stash. I probably should, but the thought of logging in all my yarn and half yarn stash stresses me out :rofl: However, If i did use it I would say this is a must!

  2. I never even thought of the make thing. I mean I dont really care either way with this one, I guess if I made one I liked better I would just delete the one photo and upload another? I dont sell, so this doesnt really apply to me. I just use my journal for notes for me and sometimes a quick review.

  3. Yea, more craft types would be awesome, but I dont see a lot of people engaging and I feel like writing patterns for people in different categories would be hard. The whole reason I come here is for the crochet and the fact that I can tick of my crochet rows as I am going. that was the number one draw for me. We have like a lil side drawing thing going on and it just barely gets participation.

  4. no comment, like I said I dont use stash.

  5. It would be cool to at the very least be able to access the patterns you have saved for offline viewing. There are times when my phones service is being trash and I wish I could view my patterns anyways.

I feel like all these are valid points, but it does take a while to get everything sorted out and working right. I feel like even though Ribblr is a few years old, they are still a wee baby. I wouldn’t ditch this place just for those reasons. I mean for crafters by crafters. If those “crafters” are anything like me, they probably get sidetracked by cool projects themselves. I’d hate for them to stop creating themselves and worry about solely this place. But anyways, I feel like its fine for what I use it for and I love the people I’ve met here. All we can do is let our voice be heard in the suggestions and other applicable spots.