Gauge Help!

So ive never really made a gauge! I am testing a pattern that says I need to make one first.

I needed to find my circumstance for a piece. Take the circumstance +3cm & then times by 12 & then divide that total by 60. Its says what ever total you have will be the gauge . Well i got 12?

And after that it says that will be the gauge number or amount of stitches by 10cm

How do I make a gauge??? Im so confused and im probably making it harder than it is

Do I chain any number as long as it measures 12cm? Or do i do the 10?? Idk


Oh wow, that sounds really complicated!
Usually when you try to find your gauge, you make a swatch (a test piece, so to speak) with the yarn and recommended hook and count how many stitches you have in the height and width of 4" by 4" square.
If you have 18 stitches up in that square, and 18 to the side, but the pattern calls for 14 for length and width, you need to go up a hook size or two, otherwise it will be too small. Same if the pattern calls for 22 by 22 stitches and you have 18–then you need to go down a hook size.
I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:
Also, don’t measure a square that is exactly 4" by 4". You want something bigger, because the sides will always be a little different.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Reading back, I’m guessing I answered the wrong question;
If the pattern says that your gauge needs to be 12 to fit, it’s likely that you’ll need to find a yarn and hook that makes up 12 stitches up and to the side for the make to fit later :thinking:

We metric people like to use cm, so it’s either a 10 by 10 cm square or a 4" by 4" square :slight_smile:


You would have to educate yourself in what gauge is.

How to Measure Crochet Gauge | Yarnspirations.

I suggest typing in “what is gauge” in you tube. The above video is by Mikey from the Crochet Crowd he usually explains things well.

I can’t explain it to you , that’s why I’m sending you tiger resources.

Happy Hunting!
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Thank you i understand! I just dont know what im doing at first :rofl::rofl:




Adjust your gauge

If your gauge swatch does not match the patterns, you may need to adjust the height or width of your stitches. In some cases, you need to adjust just one or both.

Adjust both height and width

The simplest way to adjust your gauge is by changing the hook. If your swatch is too small, select a larger hook. If your swatch is VERY small, go up at least a full mm size (i.e. 4mm to a 5mm hook).

If your swatch is off just a little, try going up a half size (i.e. 4 mm to 4.5 mm hook). If your swatch is too big, choose a smaller hook going down incrementally in size.

Very very complicated.
Circumference is done by taking diameter on inches x 3.14 (pi) and it’s usually done on a circle not a square.

Right there tells me the pattern is not written with any clarity of math and gauge.

If it’s not a wearable item gauge is not really needed unless the maker wants nearly the same size of the creators finished item.

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You’re right! I didn’t catch that she meant circumference when she wrote circumstance!!!