Geographical search to connect Ribblrs around the world

UPDATE: hi all, I know Ribblr is generally a very safe space, but reminder to not share your specific location online, especially if you are a young person. :orange_heart: -suettle
I would love to connect with more Ribblrs from around the world and locally. Please consider adding an opt-in map feature that lets us easily find people to follow based on general geographic location amd type of craft.
As always, thanks for considering my suggestion, @Ribblr!


Great suggestion :pray:


I love this idea!


Great idea! I’ve been wondering if there’s anyone around me that’s on here as well


I’m in Ohio, USA if any other Buckeyes or anyone from further afield wants to connect!

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Love this idea! I’m from Ohio too! Go Bucks! :heart::white_heart::heart::white_heart:


LOL @OrangeStudios I’m like the only non-sports fan I know. :football: Gooo sports team! Lmk if you’re ever in the Cbus area, we can stitch together IRL.

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At least we’re both in the USA? :melting_face:

I’m a California girl and proud!! I don’t like sports either so go Aiden’s sports team!

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Californians have a lot to be proud of! Ohioans…our state is mixed. I’ll just say I’m lucky my wife, daughter, and I live in such a progressive area, especially since some in our family are trans!
Lol kid’s sports are hilarious! My main memory of my daughter playing tee ball was the coaches always hollering at the team to quit kicking up dirt in the infield and picking dandelions in the outfield. :joy:

South San Francisco Bay Area, California here​:heart:

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I know it’s a big state but you’re closer to @DisneyIzzy than I am!

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