🇺🇲Giant Flag...Proud its almost complete 🇺🇲

I was commissioned to make this giant 82"×38" flag, but unfortunately the buyer passed away. I’m finishing the stars up today. They seem never ending at this point…:rofl: I just listed it on my FB page so I’m hopeful. I have about 70 hours in it and Asking $250. Does that seem reasonable to you all? I’ve never created anything this large. Also would any of you be interested in the pattern? I would be happy to create one if you all would like…Its too large to do testing. Any feedback would be much appreciated!!:us_outlying_islands: Thanks everybody!!!:us_outlying_islands:



That is incredible!!! I don’t have the patience for something that big.

I’m so sorry you lost your buyer. I wish you luck finding a new one.

I don’t know pricing. I would think $250 is low considering how much time you’ve put into it. But from the buyers perspective that’s a lot. I guess it depends on if you can find a buyer who understands what it takes to create a piece of art like this.


Wow that’s huge! Sorry about the buyer

For the pricing as a creator that seems low but I can see how others that aren’t familiar with handcrafted items will think it’s too much, I guess the best bet would be to keep track of the materials you used so you know for sure if you’re making a profit, I know others include the hours they worked as well but for me I never keep track since I work here and there with breaks so unless I have my phone and time it I can’t accurately find out how much I actually worked on it, since you mentioned about 70 hours you can include that it your calculations as well if you want

Also something else to look at is similar items on any site you can think of to see how much they’re priced to get a better understanding of the pricing range others have as well I hope you find a price that works for you :smile:


Thank you! Considering the situation I’m going to stay with $250. Not going down any though…I’ll make nothing if i do


Thanks for the advice…considering I’m gonna stsy with $250. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Should I create a pattern?


Of course goodluck :crossed_fingers:

If you want to create a pattern, go for it! :smile: