Giant hexagon- why does it look like this

Along side my temperature blanket. I’ve been doing this hexagon thing for every time I see my boyfriend. We are somewhat long distance so it’s not very often at all. But for some reason the shape is doing this and I’m not sure why. Can anybody tell me why.
Ps this is variegated yarn that I have no idea what it is or where it’s from. If you have ever seen it before let me know because I ran out and had to find another type yarn that kinda matches it just not the same type of variegation


I’m not really sure but maybe the stitches are a little too tight? It still looks cool though


When mine did that I discovered my stitch count was off. Had to frog the whole thing and start over.


Ditto what @anoswaldoddity said. When I’ve come across this my stitch count was off in a round. Alternatively, there have been times where I just pulled the magic ring too tight which have made things seemed bunched up.


Here the other thing tho when folded it’s perfectly fine. I’ll probably turn it into a big heart :heart: pillow cuz it looks like a heart to me and it fit with what it represents


You have too many stitches per round.
I only crochet for utility things, so Im not sure of the proper lingo.
If you just maintain the same same stitches, you get a square, if you increase, you get a wedge. If you put the wedges together, you get a shape, like a hexagon.
If your wedge is not the proper angle, (how many increases/route) then your wedges will not fit inside the shape,
Like if you cut several pies at different angles and took one slice from each and tried to put them together in one circle.
If you adjust either how many stitches you increase on each round or how many rounds you work before you increase, you’ll get a better behaving hexagon.