Gift a Pattern to Wish List

Hi Guys,

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping 2021 brings more joy than 2020. And as always, more knitting and crochet time… :laughing:

I have seen the gift a pattern feature, which I would love to use!
My question is, can you gift a pattern to someone who has your pattern in their wish list?
I am unable to see the usernames of those with my patterns on their wish lists, unless I am looking in the wrong spot? Or if it’s to do with privacy, I understand :blush:

Look forward to gifting very soon!

Cheers, Tegs


Happy new year!

That’s very kind of you :slight_smile:
For privacy reasons you cannot see wishlists of others. However, on our last update we’ve made it possible to share wishlists and make them public.
We can look into developing a feature that will allow you to see those who have their wishlist set to public and have added your patterns to their wishlist.

In the meantime, here’s a thought - how about running a giveaway in which to enter one has to share their wishlist with at least one of your patterns on it. This way you could also know which pattern they want to win :partying_face: