Giveaway Winners announced! Thanks you all so much for submitting!

Hello, hello! Today is the dayy! The giveaway winners are finally announced!

This was such a hard decision, lol, I didn’t expect it to be so hard to choose the places :sob:

alrighty…drum roll pleaseeeee…

3rd place: @TheTreeLober
I loved your drawing! It was so unique and I liked how the position of the bunny was different from what was expected!

What you won: Shoutout to both your shop and your profile in one of my next posts!!

2nd place: @DisneyIzzy
I also loved the design process behind your drawing/creation, you did use AI though and the drawing was meant to be hand drawn, but I loved the creative ideas and I love how cute it turned out! Only comments was that the colors didn’t match the colors of my shop, and the colors of my shop is something that is very big for me lol

What you won: shoutout to your profile and shop in one of my next posts, anddd I’ll follow you and your shop! <3

And finally…

1st place goes to…@CreshesxCritters!
I loved how yours turned out! Idk why but it personally made me feel sleepy hehe and that went perfectly with the theme of my shop! I love the colors that you chose, it was a shade of purple but it also had a shade of dark blue to it, and in my opinion, you made the bunny look so fluffy!

What you won: Any custom pattern you would like me to make! (I have the ability to decline an idea if I feel like it is out of my creative ability lol, and it also has to be amigurumi only and some sort of an animal <3 [yes, it can be an ocean animal!] Make sure to pm me to give me the ideas!), shoutout to your shop and your profile in my next post, and I’ll follow you and your shop!*

Thank you guys so much for all posting your finished pictures! They all came out sooo cute and I love how all of them turned out, so please don’t feel like I didn’t like your pattern if you didn’t get 1st place, I loved all of them!


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