Glitch when deleting rows

Has anyone else experienced a glitch when using the app on iPad? When I click the delete button to delete a row it gets out of the app completely. @lir @saar

Hi Kate!
Sorry about that. Which iPad are you using?

I’m using my 2020 iPad Pro :confused:

Great, thanks.
Just to confirm- the app doesn’t respond when you click the delete icon while in Ribbuild mode, and exists the app. Is that right?
Also, did you experience this behavior when performing other actions?

Finally, which iOS are you running?

Hey Kate!
Other than answering the above questions, could you possibly send me or @ribblr a short video too? (link via private message is best) That’d help us understand what’s going on and solve it for you.

Yep that’s correct! When I click the delete button it just closes the app and doesn’t delete the row. I haven’t experienced this with any other button.

I’m using iOS 14.2 :slight_smile: I will send a video through now!

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I am having the same issue on my older iPad. I was able to go on my Samsung phone and get the row deleted.
I don’t remember what year we bought it or whatever, but it is running iOS 14.2

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Thanks for reporting. I can confirm this has been identified as an issue on some iPad models using the latest release of our app. The fix will be released soon!
In the meantime, the best work around would be to try and use Ribbuild via Safari. You can even click on the share menu and then click ‘Save to home’ to have an app-like option.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you! Sorry if I’m being a bother.

Not at all! This is made for you and without your feedback and help we wouldn’t be able to improve :heartpulse:

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Hi there,
Just to let you know this is fixed with our new update. Please go to the app store and update the app