Going Somewhere

Hi guys Im going on a trip to Hawaii in the 3 days (SOO EXCITED) But I Just Wanted To Ask What I Need To Bring In Order To Have Everything I Need That Way I Have Everything So Like Yarn Scissors
And Not Just For Crochet Things To Do On A Plane So I Don’t Get Bored And What You Like To Do! To Pack So I Don’t Forget To Bring Anything


Swimsuit and sunscreen :joy:

Have a wonderful time!!!


A needle to sew in ends is always good to have!

But I have heard about people getting their knitting needles taken away on flights by security since they could be used as a weapon. I’m not sure if the same goes for crochet hooks. :woman_shrugging:t4:
So I’d just suggest to not bring any tools that are expensive or not easily replaceable in case they take them away.
Sorry to be a downer lol. I just don’t want you losing anything expensive!
Have fun on your trip!! :palm_tree::sunglasses:


I hope you have an amazing time in Hawaii! Some things you should bring are as follows:
Yarn, obviously! I’m pretty sure crochet hooks are allowed cause I’ve taken them through a couple times, but I’ve never tried knitting needles. And make sure your scissors aren’t too sharp or large. I’ve had my scissors taken away before(they were big) and we’ve been stopped for having sharp pencils lol. If you do wanna bring stuff thats sharp or dont know if you can bring it through security, you can check a bag with like needles or scissors or basically anything you dont need or want during the flight. I’d also suggest bringing paper or a notebook and writing instruments just in case you wanna draw or write something. Also books cause you might wanna read. And make sure to double check that you have all the clothes you need because I’ve forgotten a few things so many times and its so annoying. Also make sure you have all the toiletries you need. Its also super important to make sure you have all your documents you need to let you fly. I can’t think of anything else at the moment, but I’m sure theres a few things I’m missing.


Stuffing! It’s really sad If you forget it, then you can barely make any amigurumi. I put mine in a bag and squeeze it so it wouldn’t take up space in my bag!


bring headphones and download music :notes: