Got some yarn recos?

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I would like to explore different types of yarn, currently I have only worked with milk cotton yarn, acrylic, and mercerized cotton thread and I wanna try indophil yarn soon. Could you recommend some yarn types and what they’re best for?


Lily and sugar is good for coasters, dishcloths, and more stuff that can get wet, I see a lot of people use it for tops. Fluffy yarn like chenille I see a lot of people use for amigurumi, like bigger stuffed toys. Bernat blanket yarn some people use for amigurumi like bigger stuffed toys too, and blankets like it says in the name! I do reccomened using thinner chenille for smaller stuffed toys! Or using a scrubby type lily and sugar yarn is great for scrubbies!


Personally I love yarn with bamboo fiber because it’s so soft and silky. I’m currently working on a crochet top with lion brand coboo which is a cotton and bamboo blend and it’s one of my favorite yarns I’ve ever crocheted with. You could also try out some different textures like fuzzy yarn which can be tricky to work with but makes really fun amigurumi. Recently I’ve seen a lot of people making bags and things out of t-shirt yarn which I’ve never tried before but it looks fun. You can either buy it or make your own if you happen to have some old t-shirts you want to repurpose. I hope this gives you some ideas and have fun exploring some different yarn types!