Granny square colour inspo for my skirt?

Hii im making a granny square skirt and im super excited and will post when im done but i need some colour combo inspo bc im very blank rn :smiling_face_with_tear:
Tyyysmm ilyy :3


Uhh you can do pastels like pink, blue, and yellow, kind of like a cutesy color scheme, you could do a neutral, more modern look with browns, whites, and stuff like that, you could do darker colors like purple, blue, etc
There is also a website that gives you random color combinations here’s the link: Create a Palette - Coolors


You could go through Canva’s color themes. You can base your project around birthstones for January or February, whenever you intend to finish.


Pinterest also has tons of color combo boards, including some with yarn. They take me out of my comfort zone which is mostly blue, purple, and green


Hmmm, I like what @Abug1249 said with the pastel colors I would do pastels. Or your favorite color, for example, my favorite color is green any shade, I would do it in a pastel or light sage green. I would also check if the yarn you use is soft and machine washable before making the skirt. Hope this helps!