Graph crochet pattern

Hi friends! I decided to do something new and started to crochet a hat using a graph pattern. My trouble is I am 6 rows in and realized my main color is a light weight yarn (3) and my secondary color is a medium weight (4). Will the different weights end up working together in the end or is it going to throw off the shape and look wonky? I’m making a cow print beanie if that helps…


It’s gonna look a bit wonky. You could change hook size to match gauge though.


it depends on the technique you use, and the gauge you are working at. If you work over your carries, it may even it out, if it doesn’t, you can try carrying an extra strand of the lighter yarn and working over that only on the stitches you do the lighter color on and carrying to the back on the thicker stitches to even it out.


Thank you both! Sounds like the best solution is really to just frog and start over


oh no! I’m sorry to hear that, but we all have those stories of how we learned those good prep habits

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