Gwens Crochet Club

Hi there wanted to share my work .
13 Crochet button Flowers and 14 Crochet Butterflies # credit to Bella Coco Crochet :sparkling_heart: my goal is to do 30 sets the one with the Yellow tag. . I done today left handed as my Crochet Club/ Ministry for my Royal Oak Seventh-day Adventist Church New Zealand

as one person I’m teaching is left handed and I only started last Thursday so I could have more leftys. Then once I’ve got 30 sets done I’ll hide them at my Library and hide else where.


the flowers and butterflies are so pretty :smiling_face:


I like them! Also good look with all 30, very cool what you plan to do with them and good luck getting more left handed crocheters in your club! :smile:

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im a left handed crocheter here!! :raised_hand::yarn: