Halloween Crochet Along!

Would Anyone be interested?

I will be hosting a Halloween cal on my Instagram @thatmerakichic
I will be posting either today or tomorrow. I can also do the Cal here as well if interested .


Must be following me! You will have 1 week from when the pattern is posted to finish your project . After the deadline the pattern will no longer be available. If first week is successful there will be a 2nd week!

More details will be along with the post when posted :ghost:


Depending what the pattern would be I’d love to participate

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Followed you on Instagram and excited to check it out! Hopefully I remember to keep checking in! Lol

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Well, for the first week. It will be really simple. A witch book. Just as a decor

I would be interested from 2nd week onwards. I got a whole bunch of stuff due in the next week tho

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Can I ask if project is completed will the pattern be gifted?

Sounds interesting :thinking:
I don’t have Instagram

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Yes it will be gifted to who ever finishes

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