Hand Knitting Patterns & Machine Knitting Patterns

Hi there!
Just wanted to suggest that there be two separate categories for knitting patterns: hand knit and machine knit. I don’t have a knitting machine, and a few times I’ve come across what was labeled as a knitting pattern, only to realize it wasn’t made for hand knitters. I know there are a smaller number of knitters on here in general, but I think having them tagged as two separate categories would be super helpful, especially as Ribblr expands!:hugs:


Yes yes yes!


That’s a really good idea, I don’t have a knitting machine yet as well, thankfully I’ve seen some mention in the info that it’s machine knit so I know but I never thought here might be patterns not mention that, definitely a feature that would be helpful to have :smile:


Yes, exactly! And I’m sure it would be helpful for the reverse, those who have a knitting machine but don’t hand knit, and would like to easily browse patterns for their machines :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just @ribblr to tell them abt this AMAZING IDEA

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Thanks for sharing! Can you please share with us the machine knitting patterns you came across?

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Even more specific tags would help

Hand knitting

Machine Knitting

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I wish they would. I asked a month or so ago and they said there wasn’t enough interest for the machine knitting :frowning:

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I think I remember reading that post from them.

We have sharp sticks and we know how to use them. J/k