Happy holidays! πŸŽ‰

To anyone who celebrates, be it Christmas, Hannukah or just the festivity of the upcoming new year - HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU!

What are some of the fun you do like cool traditions? And who are you celebrating with? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I celebrate Christmas with my family, We usually make a gingerbread house a few days before Christmas :ok_hand: Happy holidays everyone!


A tradition we started last year is to our favorite Christmas movie and appys on Christmas Eve. Celebrating with my family, hubby and boys. Happy holidays everyone
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Going to celebrate Christmas with my daughter and her family.
I feel like all the Christmas traditions died when my husband died. He loved Christmas, one year we even had 2 Christmas Trees!


My daughter and I decorated Christmas sugar cookies this week with family. Tomorrow we are doing an Italian theme dinner with my husband’s family and Sunday a traditional dinner with my family. Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays everyone :fireworks::heartbeat:


Very sorry for your loss. My dad passed away on December 1, 2016 it always makes this time of year somewhat hard especially since it was his favorite holiday.


My Jerry and I have been together for over 30 now. But at first, we never got the kids on the holidays. So we learned to celebrate everyday. It may not look like we celebrate Christmas, no decorations really. But our life is the celebration. We are content to stay home alone. The internet helps to share the fun with the littles. Summer get togethers work better for us.


Happy Holidays to you & yours!

I usually attend midnight mass on Christmas eve. Though I don’t practice Catholicism (non-denominational now), I grew up in the Catholic church and that mass always brings good memories and renews my faith.

We’ll celebrate Christmas day with our sons and their families with a tamale & enchilada feast. *Tamales on Christmas day bring good luck in the coming new year. :wink:

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday however you celebrate with good health and prosperity in the New Year! :heartpulse:


my grandparents are gonna visit on monday