Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! May it be full of muses for you all!!! May your hands stay healthy and your minds stay happy!!! May your yarn supply never run low!

What’s a resolution for 2024?

I want to get organized and I also want to start doing my workouts every day! I also have a list of about 10 ideas I want to get patterns released for this year!!!


I want to make my pattern releases more frequent this year! :smiling_face:


Happy New Year! :tada:
My resolution last year was to learn how to crochet, and this year I want to continue learning and gaining skill! My other resolution is to drink my daily amount of water and not replace it with coffee or tea. :blush:


HAPPY NEW YEAR :partying_face: My resolutions are to release my own crochet patterns, improve both my crochet and knitting, become healthier, read through the whole bible in a year, and overall become a better person!