Happy to Be In Ribblr!

Hey, guys!

I’m Jamie, 23, and from the Philippines!

Crocheting for two amazing years, this became my avenue for overcoming my artblock in painting and drawing.

You, what’s your reason why you’re into crocheting? I’d love to hear that!


Hi YumeStrings

My mum stated to teach my sister and I to crochet…
I never really understood it when I was younger, but then I started to try again for something to do last year since we have a Wednesday afternoon sport program at school, which had a new art and craft group

Since then I have made several things like a sunglasses case, cute drawing bag , coasters, Christmas tree, star, bell and a few other things

I sort of taught myself with a little guidance
I live in Australia :australia:

By the way my name is Kaitlyn and I’m 15


Nice to meet you, Kevan06!

That’s lovely!!! A nice hobby between you and your mom! :pleading_face::purple_heart::sparkles:


We have a thread to answer just that question!
Type in “why did you start crocheting” in the topic section.


Self-taught to crochet and knit through LOTS AND LOTS of books :joy:
I love all things yarn, especially books that song the praises of it—like Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s wonderfully funny books about knitting!


I see! Thank you for the heads up! I’m kind of new to this platform and currently studying the knick-knacks of it. :relaxed: