Have you ever done commission work?

Have you ever done a commission for someone who isn’t a family member?

I’d be so grateful for any tips that you have!

With my small Instagram account I never imagined someone would just stumble onto my page and ask me for one, so I’m kind of happy, but also kind of freaked out :sweat_smile:


I did back in 2009 for a toddler pageant dress. Never even start a commission until you have at least 1/2 down.


Thank you! That makes a lot of sense :smiling_face:

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There was some discussion about this a while back as there was some scamming going on
Tips I gathered include:
Best to do commissions from family/friendsyou know. Require 60% down. People you don’t know require 75% down with specific time frames to cancel order and get a full/partial friend.
Only take cash, money order from local bank, no personal, business l /oayroll checks.
If the person approaching makes you uncomfortable refuse the commission,
If they cancel for example, within a certain time frame or % of progress on project they get 90% back ( cancellation fee)

There are people specifically targeting the underage crochet artist and will be intimidating, telling you that you’re doing unethical business practices, make a scene, threaten to get your parents involved, and use if of shame
Don’t back down, and if under age, have your parents support.


That’s very sound advice overall :smiling_face:
I’ve made my living as a freelancer for 5 years, so luckily I’ve become much better at determining which people are serious or not–but that’s not to say I haven’t been fooled before, and that’s when the companies have their name on the line as well (before signing a contract); a pressure that doesn’t exist where there’s an individual.

As a freelancer one would think I’d have a grip around this, but when it comes my crochet, I have no idea what I’d get myself into :sweat_smile: I came into this only thinking of publishing patterns, but now that my makes are starting to pile up, I’m starting to think that I maybe should sell.

Anyways, thank you so much for your answer! I’ll try to see if I can find the post you mentioned :smiling_face:

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