Having problems

I’ve been having trouble replying to posts. I replied to someone and it didn’t put it as a reply so I deleted this and tried to repost as a response to the person I had selected.
This lead to like 5 pop ups for errors with editing and do I still want to edit.
I couldn’t post my reply after all these errors because its “too similar to something you recently posted”
I got this message on that screen then when I came back to the comminty tab.
Is this just website issues?


I’ve had issues like that too trying to like something an error pops up, and I often see that message both on the app and on PC, I think too many are logged on and doing something making it temporarily overloaded, for me I noticed it happened a lot during the October free gifts, the lucky Sunday and voting, etc my guess is a lot of people are/were doing something on there making it overloaded


@Ribblr @saar Any thoughts on this?

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I was told this was due to too many people using the platform, hence the extreme load


Yes that’s right. When there’s an extreme surge at one particular minute from a certain location, to avoid server crash, the system delays some actions :blush: