Health day… yup!

Time for mental health check up with Omni!
Today’s water reminder brough to you by: @Froggoslay who so graciously gifted me with it after the last post :joy:

Thank you froggo!

December is tomorrow! At least where i live lol :sweat_smile:
Sounding like a broken record here, but take care of yourself!!! Tis the season to be stressed, so in the wise words of Eliza Hamilton, take a break! (I am aware im being a dork rn thank you)

Remember to get some rest, take it easy, and not let the stress get to you. For me, i make a list of all the stuff i need do and when is the absolute latest i need to have it done by, and then work in order from the closest in time to the farthest! It makes everything seem just a bit more manageable <3

Song Rec today: Buzzcut Season by Lorde

As always, remember, I love you and so does God, and we’re always here if you need to talk <3
Have a lovely morning/day/afternoon/evening/night!

(New paragraph breaks feom a different character <3)


Aww thank you for this! Cant wait for decemberrrrr!


Lol you’re welcome!

Take a breakkkk run away with us for the summer lets go upstateee


~ Gravity Falls fan scream~