Health! Pt3

Time for mental health check up with Omni! And… a suprise?

As always, remember to drink water! Easy to forget sometimes, tis why i am here to be your personal water alarm :sweat_smile:
As we verge closer to the holidays, a lot of stuff happens. Remember not to get lost in the shuffle! Take a step back and have some time to yourself. Work on a project, read, cook, anything really! Just some non-stressful activity for yourself. People may expect stuff of you, but it’s important to remember that you can do things for yourself too!

As for the suprise:
A hopefully recurring thing, and a one off question!
1: song recs!
Today’s is Underground, by Cody Fry!

2: what’s a strange holiday tradition you have?
For me, i always listen to Los Campensinos’s “You, Me, Dancing” while decorating!

As always, remember I love you, and so does God, and we’re always here to talk.
Have a lovely day/night/evening/afternoon/morning!


I’ve been trying to work on my drawing recently, and i think I’m improving a bit! thats the only thing thats ever stayed consistent in my life :,)
anywhos, I don’t really have any, but i should start a tradition honestly, even if its just for myself to do.
Hug hug hugs im gonna go grab a thing of water now! tysm omni <33


Hey, just letting you know that these always make me feel good!


I love these! The crochet community is so nice. These also make me feel a bit better while reading them because i have been very anxious lately (especially because of the holiday season). Also, I love Los Campensinos!! Thanks so much Omni!


I strange holiday tradition my family has, is our whole family (aunts, cousins, uncles, grandparents) gets together to decorate on December 1st. Then on christmas day we spend the whole day celebrating my birthday and christmas every single year! <3


Not a strange tradition, we read the story of Jesus birth before opening gifts.


@Taxlady I love that :two_hearts::two_hearts: