Health pt4!

Time for metal health checkup with omni!

Today especially, in my personal life in on ribblr, there are a lot of people sick. So more than ever! Remember to drink water! It’s not a permanent fix but it helps sore throats not suck as much!

Take care of yourselves out there! Keep not only your mental but physical health in mind at this time of year, and always step back to think if somethings good for you or not. Stressors run amok during the holidays, i would know, I’m caught in a massive web of them- so remember to be mindful of when enough is too much!

Song rec:
Pretty much the entire Dear Evan Hansen and Greatest Showman soundtracks!

As always: remember that I love you and so does God, and we’re always here to talk <3
Have a lovely day/night/evening/afternoon/morning


Lol i have a sore throat and this is the first thing i saw when i opened ribblr! Also the dear even hanson soundtrack is pretty fire.