Hello, I'm New to Ribblr!

Hello! This is my first day on Ribblr, so I thought I would go out and introduce myself. I’m Sammy! I have a little crochet business called Stitches by Sammy. It’s currently just an in-person business, I’ve been booking events in my local area to sell at. If this thing works out, maybe I’ll set up an online shop! I’m very new to vending, I’ve only done 1 event so far, but I’m hoping to get a lot done over my summer break and book a couple more events!
Other than crochet, I like to read (mainly fantasy and mythology), journal, watch a lot of YouTube, latch hook, sew, and spread whimsy throughout my tri county area! The other day I paid for a postcard with a $2 dollar bill. It was very fun to see the cashier’s reaction! Anyways, I’m looking forward to spending time on here and getting to see what this app is all about!


Hey! I’m Sammie too! I love crocheting and playing soccer! My favorite animal is a penguin and I have crocheted myself a rainbow army! (Seriously…there’s like 40​:rofl:) I have never sold my crochet before but I make acrylic earrings and sell them with my older sister (She makes polymer clay ones). I hope I can start selling my stuff soon!

My shop has a few free patterns that are super beginner friendly! I also have a mini penguin​:wink:

I would love to get to know a fellow Sammy more!:yellow_heart:


Nice to meet a fellow Sammie! I love the pun Sammigurumi!! I’d use it but I don’t normally make amigurumi, I’m more of a clothes girlie myself! I’ll definitely save that bunny pattern for my mom’s birthday, she loves bunnies so crocheting one for her would be a good gift!


i think we have a similar taste in books, i also like to throw some classics in there too. also love how your spreading whimsy, i should do that too


Omg yes everyone should spread whimsy! I just finished The Lord of the Rings the other week and let me tell you the ending had me WEEPING even though it wasn’t that sad! Right now I’m reading Le Morte D’Arthur, which is a collection of books written about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table from the 1470s. It’s a pretty interesting to read and see what people thought was cool back in ye olde times!


ooooh sounds cool! my favorite book atm is Crime and Punishment, i know it’s hard to get through (took me 6 months) but it’s honwstly super interesting. i might retry reading Moby Dick vause i kinda checked out when he started talking about like who designed the crow’s nest on ships lol


I almost picked up Moby Dick the other day at the bookstore!! But I set it aside because I knew it was probably gonna be filled with nautical vocab I don’t know. I swear reading these old books expand my vocab a lot, which is pretty fun! Now I can use more whimsical words like gallivanting and nill!


exactly, having an expansive vocab really adds a simple touch of whimsy to my every day encounters


Hi, im TitanWave(not my real name)
welcome to ribblr

i love to crochet, solve simple math problems, do resin, and help people.
Fav food : food
Fav drink : water, chocolate milk
Fav color : blue, teal, torsuies, green
Fav movie : Pokemon, How to train your Dragon, Trollhunters Rise of the titans
Fav show : Pokemon, Dragons Race to the Edge, Trollhunters, 3Below, Wizards
Fav book : Wing of Fire

:sparkles: More About me :sparkles:
:white_heart: I’m a self taught crocheter (I learned from YouTube, and ribblr now)
:white_heart: i play with stray cats around the neighborhood(there’s this orange tabby that loves me and it love it
:white_heart: I love cats and cute animals(foxs, bunnnies,etc.)

hope you have a good day(or night)

Name: Titan_Wave

My crafts: Crochet, resin, baking

Favorite color(s): blue, teal, torsuies, green

Favorite emoji: :rofl::grinning::grin::smiley::laughing::sparkles:
my shop :


welcome to ribblr! my names aria, or ari, and i love making friends! feel free to dm me if you ever need anythibg or just want to talk <3


Awwwww welcome to Ribblr!!! My name’s Maya and I own my shop TheArtLife! Feel free to tag me whenever, also I love to read as well. I enjoy drawing too :)) I hope u enjoy ur time on Ribblr!!! Ima tag some peps to come meet u @RainbowPenguin2 @Combre @notmimi @EllaCrochetz @ellacrochet21 @JaeaRenee @LoafOfBread @crotchetingcreations @Elaya @E1izabethCrochets I know there are others but I can’t think rn​:sob:


Actually here are some more heheh @SweetTomato @EveIsCool @cozyRoe @EVANLYNfleurb @EV13isSPOCY @FluffyYarnCreations @TitanWave @littlemisswonderful @BubblzCrochet @SunshineStudio


Hiya! Im Pickle (or Combre whatever u prefer) ,Welcome to ribblr! I hope this can be your little corner where you express your crafty side and meet new friends! I saw u in the ribblr chat earlier and you seem super fun and sweet! here are some AMAZING ppl : @MayaPapaya7 @LoafOfBread @FluffyYarnCreations @TitanWave @ellacrochet21 @crochetingcreations @JaeaRenee @cozyRoe +MORE!


Welcome to ribblr!! <3
You can call me slug, I how you enjoy your time here


Greetings! I am Bill the 2 dimensional trianglular overlord and dream demon! Welcome to ribblr. Do not listen to anyone who tells you I’m married to them, they are lying.


Hi there, welcome to Ribblr! :wave: :blush:


Hii welcome to Ribblr :sparkling_heart: I hope you like it here, if you ever have any questions I will be happy to answer them :smiling_face:


Hi welcome to Ribblr this place is so fun and friendly and there are tons and tons of great patterns out there


Welcome. I love 2 dollar bills. My family knew someone who used one once and the cashier called the police to have him arrested for trying to pass fake money. When the police came and were shown the 2 dollar bill the officer looked at the cashier and asked what the problem was. He had to explain that it was real and yes 2 dollar bills do exist.


Welcome here. My name is Fleur but you can call me Eva cause I like that more. I hope you enjoy the time here on Ribblr
Some friends part 1 @cozyRoe @Combre @Elaya @OMLET @MayaPapaya7 @LittleCreatures @littlemisswonderful @FluffyYarnCreations @potatofan @alienlynxie