Hellooooooo- I need some ideas please 🙏

So I’ve been wanting to make my own patterns, mostly food related, but I also wanted to make them no sew. The problem is….I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT FOOD I SHOULD MAKE! Does anyone have any ideas for a food related pattern? All I can thing of is a bunny in a soufflé pancake​:grimacing:. (Any suggestions would be really helpful)


a strawberry cat? or a strawberry chameleon!


I have tons ya know we could colab if u like soo msg me if u want deas inam gonna list some down

1 burger
2 pizza slice
3 cucumber
now skip the basics and try these:

meal 1
meal 2
meal 3
meal 4
if u need more i am here to help


I’ve been looking for a noso apple pattern.


I would love to colab with you! But first I need to figure out what I’m making first​:sweat_smile:. I will post something to colab with people, (hopefully soon) But I’ll definitely private message you when I’m ready!