Help a disabled artist

Hey so I’m a physically and mentally disabled person, meaning I can’t work for most places (3 jobs in a year and they struggled accommodating to my physicalng issue making my mental ones worse.) as a way to make money and do what I love, I started to sell patterns. Recently I’ve been struggling to gets sales. So I started a sale on my page and even if you can’t buy from me…please boost my account so I can get sales.


Sorry to hear you’ve struggled to find suitable work and well done for being so brave in sharing your story.

I’ve got a few tips that might help.
A great way to get your shop trending and some sales going is to post a tester call. Particularly if you have a unique design that will help you get clear feedback on what you should improve to prefect your pattern, and as importantly, you can ask testers to start a journal. This will encourage potential buyers to get the pattern, as they’ll be able to see other creations and read some feedback about it. And also - journals are featured across the platform so they provide a great way to discover new patterns.

If you have quite a few people who added your patterns to their wishlist it’s a great idea to run some sales every now and again. We all love a good deal :wink:

Lastly, I noticed you have some free patterns which is also a great way to promote your patterns. You can also add a note in the pattern encouraging people to create a journal and review your pattern or reach out if they have feedback. This way you can always improve too!