Help finding patterns

Hi everyone!
So a couple days ago a few of my friends asked me to crochet them something. They want a chihuahua, capybara, sea turtle, or schnauzer. Does anyone know of any free patterns for these animals?
Thanks :blush:


i found this one its sooo cute!!

good luck if you decide to make it! :purple_heart:

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Thank you! I’ll check it out!

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Here are some free patterns!
I couldn’t find a free chihuahua and schnauzer pattern, sorry!


Thats ok! Thanks for the patterns! :blush: I’ll go check them out

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You’re Welcome!

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Just use the pattern search area, sort from low to high price and type in the term you are looking for

Also designers frequently post and ask, what should I design? You can always ask them to design what can’t be found here

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Ok thank you :blush: