Help for a beginner with different types of yarns

HI ALL! So I recently started out crocheting and was suggested using worsted yarn. I ended up getting the ones with 6 gauge and when i follow patterns my version ends up way too big. I use their recommended hooks (mm) and all. Was wondering if theres a way to adjust my yarn to fit the patterns size? Or its inevitable since its bigger sized yarn? If i used a bigger hook it’ll make it even more big right?

Also would love some suggestions for yarn brands to make clothing that doesnt have like piling or fuzzy lints (my acrylic worsted yarn ended up having them) Thanks so much any help is appreciated


It’s pretty much going to be inevitable. If you use a smaller hook, it may come out a wee bit smaller, but that yarn is bulky. Worsted weight, is usually a 4. And yes, bigger hook=bigger project.


Condensed lesson
In general, the hook will go up and down in size with thicker or thinner yarn
If you use a small hook on thick yarn, you will get a slightly smaller item, but you will also get a very stiff fabric with no spaces between your stitches. This is helpful in amigurumi so you don’t see the stuffing and you get a smoother surface
Larger hook on smaller yarn will do the opposite and give you a loose, open fabric with a lot of space between stitches and it will have drape (be floppy) and will usually feel more plush when squeezed.
With experience, you will be able to adjust the your yarn weight and hook size to get the appropriate fabric for your project, until then, you will just have to trust what your pattern says and take notes. Take lots of notes and keep a swatchbook of what worked.


Please also keep in mind tension is key. Sometimes if the pattern has a gauge to follow one needs to go up a hook size or down even with bulky yarn. Because the tension is loose or to tight.
I agree also with the replies up above as well.


that would be how many stitches in a given measurement square.
Usually you will see (number of stitches) and (number of rows)= 10cm x 10cm (4in x 4in) square , in pattern.
This literally means that you will cast on and create a (usually) double what the gauge calls for square, (so 8inch x 8inch (20cm x20cm) ) in the stitch pattern used for the item. Then you will isolate a square and count how many rows and stitches you did in that square. Too many and you need to go up a size, too few and you need to go down a size.
However, you can reach gauge, and still not have the right level of stiffness or drape for the project. You have to have both which is why you ALWAYS need to work swatches.




Thanks for all the replies its really helpful!


Also, I think what helped me is LOTS of practice. Sometimes what I read in the crochet book would say blah blah but I didn’t really understand it until I experienced it.
Garments are tricky even for an experienced crocheter is something I read and was told over and over.
If you’re brand new to crocheting try patterns that are for beginners so that you get the satisfaction of making and completing something that looks good and you’re pleased with.