Help. How do i post a pattern?

Im wanting to post my 1st pattern but unfortunately can not figure out how to. Can anyone help please. Ty in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


I think what you want is help center (click that) and choose the manual for ribbuild


You can write the pattern up in your shop then when you close the pattern you should see that the pattern is on private hit that and it will give you the pricing options! Finish all that and it should publish your pattern


First you make a pattern

Then you click the little slide thing

Then finish all the details

Hope this helps

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Do you already have a shop? When you joined you had the option of choosing a designer or crafter account, designer allows you to have a shop and post patterns, if you just made a crafter account that’s also fine, you can contact Ribblr and they’ll help you, I only assume you don’t have a shop since it’s not connected to your profile, if you do have one make sure to log out and back in to add it :smile: that should help to post patterns if I’m wrong and still can’t find the answer let me know and I can try and help you some more