help me pls

i saw trin ask you guys and she got aome good feedback so imma ask too

so basically my mom has a bunch of time limits on ny phone bc i have a problem w my phone and stuff and i really want to grt better about it bc i want my ipad back bc she took my ipad like three years ago and i really wanna draw again :sob: but i have to show her basically that i can manage my time by myself without her help. any ideas that arent like basic idk :sob::sob:


Sorry I’m uh struggling with getting off my phone too, so idk. :sob::sob:


I’m sorry dear. But it does require from you that you put some effort in it.
If I were on my phone or laptop the whole day or longer then an hour, I get overwhelmed. I need to take breaks. So the key here is to give yourself a limited time to be on your phone (set your alarm) and when it goes off, you take a break. Mute your phone and put it out of your reach.
You say you want to draw again. That’s awesome.
You know you can draw with a pencil on a paper too. :wink:
What you also can do, is ask your mom to help with (screen) time-management. You will never learn otherwise. So, if you want to get your ipad back, you have to be more disciplined. Drawing is an excuse, instead ask for help and listen to your mom :wink: You have no choice.
I can be online 24/7, but I choose not to, I prefer to limit my screentime. My laptop is open but in the other room. It’s a form of self-care.
If you don’t want your mom’s help, educate yourself about time-management (time-blocking). Have a couple hobby’s where you don’t need the internet of your phone. Read an actual book instead of an e-book or audiobook. Cook your own dinner. Clean your room. Do your laundry etc. You will have less time to spend on the phone. Welcome to adulthood. Or accept your mom’s help. LOL You got this


yeah my mom has tons of limits on my phone also i cant draw on paper​:skull:


Practice… I thought I couldn’t too.

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Okay, so I’m going to approach this as a mom with a teen who spends too much time on their phone lol. These would be signs that I personally would be looking for that my kid was ready for getting a device back-

First of all, I’d want them to communicate their goal to me. " mom, digital art is a really important hobby to me and I’d like to earn back the usage of my ipad." In that conversation, you should either ask what she would like you to do to show responsibility, or come up with a plan. Plan idea- you will first take care of any chores without being reminded, you will dedicate x amount of time to off screen activities, x amount of time as family time, x amount of time spent on studies (if you’re in school right now). Let her know that you will set timers yourself and adhere to them. The most important part of all this is absolutely following through with self discipline! That’s also going to apply with your phone. Do you have any other hobbies you enjoy doing that are not digital?


ive asked her when i could get it back, but she just sighs and is basically like " your not ready "


Ahh, it sounds to me like she wants you to be proactive and a self starter on limiting yourself on your phone first perhaps. Our goal as parents is making sure our kids learn how to gain self discipline and independence as they approach adulthood to best prepare them for life. :sparkling_heart: Sometimes that comes with a little tough love that we don’t enjoy enforcing. I’d still recommend keeping that communication open with her, telling her your plan on how you will prove to her that you’re ready to balance your screen time and following through. :blush: Wishing you the best of luck and hoping you can get back to your art soon!