Help please 😭 (pattern suggestions!?)

So my mom’s birthday is in 12 days :grimacing: I haven’t made anything or started anything yet. I was wondering if someone could help with some suggestions. She’s been wanting a blanket, but I don’t know if I can hurry and make one in 12 days, if I were to it’d be a lap blanket but I don’t have any patterns for one. She also likes plants, dumplings, sweet grass bundles (we’re Native American so I might make one she can put in her car), she also like turquoise so if there’s any patterns for like rocks I can use to make a turquoise chunk with. I just need to be able to finish these within 12 days before the 13th.


maybe you could make like a little hanging pot to hang from her rear view mirror for the sweet grass bundles


For the blanket maybe use some granny squares and connect them if u have any laying around! Or maybe make her some crochet flowers or her fav animal🫶🏼


For a blanket you could use jumbo yarn with hdc. That would make it faster.


You could make her a vine bag