Help please

Anyone have any experience washing yarn still in skein because of pest infestation?
Please don’t ask me for details of pest.


Some people had luck freezing them in a ziplock for a few days (you probably need to google the time frame). Then out them in one of those bags for lingerie and wash them.
Do not put more than one in a bag and use a gentle cycle. Same with dryer. Make sure the yarn is machine washable.
Good luck :heavy_heart_exclamation:


The advice I’ve heard with the best luck is similar to @CraftsbyNicB: freeze, then wash in a stocking (pantyhose, hosiery)… Often times people will buy knee highs for this, or use a pair that has a rip in them… Tie a knot in the hose on either end of the skein so it is contained nice and tight


@CraftsbyNicB @OBabyNMore

Thanks ladies, I sure didn’t ask for this problem. I’m a very clean person.


Don’t sweat it. ‘Stuff’ happens.
I live in S TX.
This week I have antvasion and wood roaches coming in in search of water.
I envy people with open yarn shelves.
I have to have everything in plastic totes to save them from dust and other hazards.
Doesn’t nean they are absolutely safe :woman_shrugging:t2:


The advice I know of, it is the same as what’s been given here, exactly that is how I saved my stuffed puppy from the evil who shall not be named. I left him in the freezer in a ziplock bag for months because I was terrified of losing him lol
Goodluck, I hope it’s not to much trouble for you and goes smoothly!
So sorry you have to deal with the tiny evils.


i would think taking the band off, put them in one of zippered mesh bags, washing them in very hot water in your washer, then drying them still in those bags on the hottest dryer setting for an hr.

I know when bed bugs were an issue at a store they were saying to take the clothes you bought home and put them straight away in the dryer, highest heat cycle for an hr, works, for head lice stuff too, well except for the kids, can’t put the kids in the dryer ;p. Will the yarn melt just putting it in the dryer, dry, on the highest setting without washing it in because it’s acrylic?