Help pls; Shop name/business name

Hiya internet friends ya girl is back and I have a question I’d love some help with. I wanted to make my shop name more personable. I got a couple suggestions from people that do well in the crochet business and they suggested using a name or nickname. Using my first name would result in misspelling from customers if they just heard the name or mispronunciation of the name when being read. So I faulted for my nickname and went through a lot of names before I settled between these two. Now I’m absolutely :sparkles:stuck​:sparkles:

  • I’mCrochetRollie
  • Rollie Crochetsions
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thank you guys for even taking the time to vote and/or read


Regardless of the one you pick I think they’re both great! Good luck with your business! :smile:


Thank you so much!! I appreciate that! :blush:


I like use names that are easy to remember.
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I was trying to think of one that would be kinda fun and hard to forget, but it is tough :sweat_smile:

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