Help: Sentro Knitting machine

For christmas i am interested in getting a Sentro knitting machine. Though, i am not sure what size to get. Is there a size that would allow me to do teen, baby, and adult? or is it only by baby and then teen and adult. Im just mostly confused on how the sizing works! Size recommendations and comments on the topic are appreciated. If anyone who has one could help me out, that would be great!


i wish i could help but i have no idea :sob:


The sizes are based on how many pins or hooks the machine has. I haven’t used a smaller one (22 pin), but I believe they have a more limited use. Most of the knitting machines you see people using are 48 pin versions, and will knit in the round or can be used to make panels. You can then use the flat panels to create garments. Most of the hats and scarves are made in the round. I’ve seen YouTube videos with other fun patterns of things you can make using them. I haven’t used mine in a while because it is broken right now; i think one of the pins is snapped inside and it slips and makes the finished item look bad.

Good luck!