Help. Stinky Yarn

I have a WIP of Red Heart soft yarn that I love. It’s about halfway done. There is the blanket and probably 12 skeins still in wrapper.
The problem is the whole thing smells like cat pee. Any suggestions for washing the “skeins” so I can work on finishing the blanket?
I have had success getting the smell of cat pee out of a couple projects with hot water, TIDE, AND borax. One project needed to be washed twice.


maybe try doing what you did before?

i also looked up a different method; i haven’t tested this yet but the site said to put the skein(s) into a ziploc bag(s) with baking soda and let it sit for a few days and the odor was neutralized and pretty much gone. they then put some febreeze on it so it would smell good and not like baking soda.

you could also try pet oder spray and that should help take the smell out of it


Yea, but the last time I washed a skein even in a lingerie bag, it turned into yarn barf.,0
bit the baking soda idea, haven’t heard that one,. have to try it!!


Use hose instead! Tie the skein up tightly in a pair of hose so it can’t really shift or move around. That’ll help keep it in skein form rather than yarn barf form.

Edit: Hose, Pantyhose, tights, nylons
(In case my wording wasn’t 100% clear - hopefully that helps)


I knew what you meant. Nobody seems to wear them anymore.
Thank God though, I don’t miss jumping to get them on!


I had inherited some items that smelled of animal pee before. Sealing it in something with baking soda and charcoal did the trick. I used the kind your barbecue with, just wrap it well in paper towel so it doesn’t get soot on it.

Mine was finished pieces though so they were easy to wash after, washing straight yarn is a bit trickier.

Edit: whoa my bad didn’t mean to Necro. I didn’t realize the suggested posts wouldn’t be recent.

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I ended up putting the new skeins in pantyhose, tying the skin in there tight, and washing them on delicate cycle with TIDE, Downy, and borax. It took 2 washes to get the smell out.
When I’ve finished making the blanket I intend to give it a vinegar rinse.

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