Help to make pattern?

Hello everyone.

I am new to crochet and I an mostly self taught. I have been looking for a book,blog,video that can help me make my own patterns. Anime is my thing and my daughter and niece want Garra and Kakashi dolls as well as big Koi fish in all the “correct” markings. Any idea where I might find this information?


When I make my patterns I just eyeball what I think looks right, then I write down the instructions, and I continue to work through the pattern over and over to make sure that the instructions are right :+1:t2:


Thank you I will have to try it out. My 9 tails fox wasn’t anything to write home about but I learned a few things. I will have to just keep practicing

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I suggest using Ribbuild to write the pattern as you design, you can easily take picture and change/delete lines as you go. You can then try to look for a tech editor (you can post a call for one here) and assign them via your shop manager so they can access the pattern directly through your shop, even before it’s released.

Check out the Ribbuild manual:


My tip to start making crochet dolls is to try and simplify the character into basic shapes. Then crochet each shape in the colors you need, and sew together. You can start by sketching out the shapes you need to make.
For example, Pikachu:
Think of the body as one shape (like an hourglass shape, or a peanut)
then the ears, feet and hands are different sizes of cones or oval shapes, some of them flat, and some stuffed. After you have the basic shapes, adding other details, like face or tail is easier.

Hope that helps! Good luck with designing!!!


Thank you that is the best description of how it’s done that I have been given!:grin: any other tips you may have on the subject I would appreciate hearing

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Don’t hesitate using other crafts and materials to complete a doll, like embroidery, hand sewing, gluing felt fabric… sometimes you can’t crochet everything! :relaxed:


Thank you :pray:t2:. I’ve figured out most of that with my first attempt at Kurama 9 tailed fox for my daughter. I was clueless for people though :grin:. Like how to make the body, head hair clothes ect lol

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