Help translate please!

Can someone help translate this to simpler terms? Mainly the second line of instructions


Ok, first you make a magic ring with 4 sc. do Not join to first stitch on previous round. When the 4th sc is completed, immediately chain 4, slip stitch starting on second stitch, then 3 and 4 th stitch.
Slip stitch into ring.

Repeat above 2 more times so that you have three “feet”

Finally slip stitch into the first stitch of previous round. Bind off by weaving in ends.


so you have your ring of stitches and then you make a chain 4, you will be at the top of the chain 4 and will make 4 slip stitches in the chain back down tot he bottom of the chain 4
this will be like when you sc in a chain at the start of your project, except you don;tyarn over and pull through the second time, and you do it 4 times along that chain
then it has you just repeat that several times to create the spikes sticking out from the ring


Ok…it took me a while to visualize it but I think I got it
Row 1. Magic ring do 4 sc

Row 2-4. ch 4, sl st down the ch (so the ch closest to your hook you are going to sl st in and in each st going back down the ch). When you are back to the ring, you are going to sl st into the next sc and repeat for 3 more times.

Row 5. Sl st in the first sc and fasten off.

Makes sense?




Thank you all sooooo much!