help with bunny pattern

I’m a new crocheter and I have a little trouble with this stitch, can anyone help? thank you so much!

ch2, sc around leg 1, sc into the 2 ch, then sc around leg 2 (20)


So you should have done one leg that was finished off and another leg with your hook and working yarn still connected. You will chain 2 and then connect your hook to your leg on any of the top stitches (I recommend putting a stitch marker on that single crochet) by then your two legs will be connecting so like before you will just do sc around the first leg into the previous stitches. When you reach the chain 2 from before you will sc into those two and then go back to the second leg and single crochet around there

Typically you would then sc on the other side of the chain 2 but since it’s not there perhaps not, however count your stitches and if doesn’t equal to twenty then sc into the chain 2 until you reach the placement of the stitch marker I mentioned to add hopefully this helps! If it did perhaps remove the step from the post? Good luck and if I didn’t make any sense feel free to let me know so I can try and help another way :smile:


Oh my goodness! thank you so much this helped a lot!!! <3

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No problem! Sometimes it’s easier when things are spelled out and not so simplified at times :smile: glad I could help :grin: