Help with clothes for toys

Hello I’m looking for some cardigans or some sort of clothes for my stuffed toys but all I see is the patchwork patterns and I’m wondering If any of you have patterns that aren’t patchwork


Look at drops website. They have tons of free patterns for clothes :grin:


Ok I’ll check


I found a build a bear cardigan on YouTube and there’s two versions


Clothes for dolls/stuffies in drops website? Is that what you are saying?


No. I don’t think so. They have human clothes. Some accessories as well and toys but not much

i used to make clothes for my toys, what i did for bigger stuffies is just look at baby clothes tutorials and adjust to fit . for small stuffies i had to wing it, so i only made simple stuff for them.
I think now there are much more tutorials than when i started out, or i just didnt know how to look lol

so my favorite thing to make was an open vest since it was easy,
its just a rectangle with 2 holes in it
for small vests i liked making it from top to bottom, and big ones i just did side to side, idk why it was just preference lol

I couldnt find my old plushies, but here is the same thing on some of my older crochet toys

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I adore the idea of making clothes to go with plushies/stuffies/ dolls etc.
I did do some searching on the internet but there was a lot of irrelevant hits to the search terms “ clothing for toys” crochet pattern.
Crocheted clothes for Barbies is a thing.

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