Help with how to do a technique*updated better pic

So I found a pic finally of kind of what I am talking about. Would this be a ribbing stitch or just a drastic increase/decrease?


So forgive the pic, it’s the closest thing I can do while I’m at work. My brain won’t stop thinking about this and I need help.

So how would I go about doing this? The size diference not changing colors. It looks like big areas(not necessarily with that point, it looks more rounded.)followed by a drastically smaller little area.

Would I do like several rows of the big and then do a decrease in each stitch for the drastic small, then repeat?

Sorry it’s hard to explain and trying to google was not help


Are you trying to get that shape you drew?

Are you trying to make each section a different color?

Yea all I have with me is my phone so my drawing is terrible some examples of what it might be used for: horns, maybe like an elf hat? It would be interesting on a snake. I just don’t have yarn with me to test out my theory and it’s driving me brain bonkers trying to figure it out.

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Not a different color. It is a drastic size. I’m trying to go from a bigger size to drastically smaller and I think I just decrease each one but I’m not sure. The smaller part is almost hidden by the bigger part

Could it be like an extended ribbing?

A BLO would give you the start of decreasing and then decrease the next row(s). Im working on a cup and the top is BLO and it gives you something similar to what youre trying to do